CONGRATULATIONS. Dearly loved and appreciated filmmaker David Sieveking celebrated a glorious premiere opening the Panorama section of this year‘s Berlinale. We are still touched.


Die Tracht - You haven‘t heard anything lately. Because we‘ve been working. In our vagabond office roughcutting is heating up the computer. We thank the weather for a decrease in distractions.

Stay put for a teaser coming soon. The Berlinale is coming up this weekend, see you around.


Die Tracht - in an extensive 28 hour session, the material has finally been transferred on a harddrive. 

Friends - The Movie „Hangtime“ just celebrated its premiere in Hagen, with loads of greasy American-Style Fast Food sins. Eichhornvision congratulates all those who are involved to the max.


last sunday shooting of Die Tracht was completed. 24 occasions of shooting, 24 tapes. this is the year of twenty four. editing shall begin next week. Today was the first purely free day in a long time. movie websites and updates coming soon!


Wow. This website hasn‘t been updated at all. Yet, time has not been standing still at all. Luckily. Here‘s the last past year in bulletpoints.

  1. -A Young Warrior‘s Melody. The movie has been re-edited last week to 20 minutes, in order to meet most film festival‘s spirits. The Film is yet waiting for a premiere to the public.

  2. -Eichhornvision‘s creators have moved. It took some time and a lot of effort, but now they have happily arrived in Moabit - Berlin‘s most naturally charming quater.

  3. -Die Tracht. Eichhornvision is currently working on its first feature film. In collaboration with cinematographer Timm Kröger a Manifesto has been written in order to transform limitations into creative opportunities. More about that later. The intention is to shoot the emotional action drama in the first three weeks of September. Yeeehawww.

Love is all around. Be happy.


A Young Warrior‘s Melody (English Title) has a date for a nice and cozy crew-family-&-friends premiere. On Friday January 16th there will be a shortfilm premiere event at the Nickelodeon Cinema on Torstraße starting 21h. So far Jannik Büddig (who is also organising the event), Camilla von Buddenbrock, and Giacomo Veronesi have joined the event with their newest creations. It will be a blast.


A sneaky peeky demo version of The Out of Tunes‘ first song Teenage Something (a selfish kind of love) is now available on - unfortunately each and every member of the band got a cold, so we did not record any lyrics.


- The Out of Tunes again:

El Mariachi has now joined rehearsals and blessed the crap with some smoothtalking via guitar strings. Until now meetings are restricted to once a week, a demo version of TOoT‘s first song aka Babschuwab or Teenage Something is to be expected at the German Nikolaus fest in your shoes or on, and a non-electronic drummer is yet to be found

  1. -Mèldio deí Woùncha‘k T‘Sanero‘h is going to enter pre-picture-lock sound editing stage next week with Tonmeister Eckie. Preparations for the premiere can now be taken seriously

  2. -Troy é Soul, who is producing TOoT‘s upcoming songs, announced an electronic non-piano trash album entitled The V-Chromosome


The Out of Tunes have officially been created and met to do something similar to rehearsing. Eichhornvision expects to present a first EP at Christmas 2008.


Release of Mèldio deí Woùncha‘k T‘Sanero‘h is scheduled for January 13th 2009

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